Now that everyone has a digital camera, many businesses have tried to save money by doing their own photography, often with very poor results because the photos look like snapshots.  Businesses who think that hiring a professional photographer is expensive don't realize how much hiring an amateur can cost their business in the long run.


With Stratagem, you benefit by having a photographer and a graphic artist who can engineer a creative visual solution to eliminate your issues and exceed your goals. Our in-house graphic artist can help add the finishing brand touches on your commercial images for your business or marketing campaign needs.


All of our commercial photography is priced on a case-by-case basis depending on scope, license, and other factors. We can also provide product, lifestyle, editorial and fashion models for your photo session.

Check out our categories below or if you are ready, contact us here for a quote!


Tabletop, still life, catalog, and sell sheet photography are all designed to illustrate your product in a way that your potential customers will find appealing. And, with more and more people shopping online, a good product photograph may be the difference between a sale and no sale! Contact us.



Need photography for your local or national publication? Say no more! If you like our work and are interested in hiring us or have a mutually beneficial project lets chat and see how we can help each other! Contact us.



Allow your current and potential clients to see who you are and put a face to the calls or emails before they meet you in person.

Your company though head-shots may need to say more than we’re just a smiling face, but we’re here to help or get the job done and we are professionals. Promote your brand by having consistent and cohesive photographs of your staff. Plus,  its a fun perk for your staff! Contact us!