We want you to hire us as your wedding photographers; If you’re looking for an easy going experience from start to finish with great quality work, product and package options , then you've reached the right people. We approach our work on a team basis, meaning most shoots involve at least two of our photographic team members, usually a 2nd shooter, assistant shoot stylist, or a second pair of eyes to make sure everything runs smoothly. With so many amazing Rochester photographers readily avaliable we are happy to admit we are an eclectic group of folks that really enjoy and care about  capturing your special date!

Grab Our 2019-2020 Wedding Pricing along with Tips for planning Engagement Photos you'll love”!

Rochester Wedding Photography Prices


Working With Us As Your Photography Team

Throughout the wedding planning process we invest a lot in our couples. We want to get to know you and why you made the choices you did for your wedding. Then come the wedding day, we can instinctively capture all of the hard work you put in and the small moments.

We treat every wedding uniquely. To start, We would like to chat on the phone or meet with you and hear all your plans, ideas and motivations. This is also a time when you can ask us any questions you like. That way, we can all be sure that we are the right photography team for you. Leading up to your wedding we will chat some more and find out about more about your wedding details. Then come the wedding day, we are just an awesome group of friends with a lot of camera equipment. 


We are going to give you timeless, quality wedding portraits and candid photos that you will look at hanging on your wall in 35 years and still be proud of, because classic (or should I say style?) doesn’t fade. Want to know more? You might find my wedding photography FAQs helpful.  

So if you are looking for wedding photos that are clean, classic, bold and – most importantly – about you then let me know!

Second, during your wedding day everything might not run as smoothly as you want. You’ve planned so long and so hard for this day, and it can be really difficult when things seem to be running behind schedule. However, this Rochester wedding photography team is a consummate professional. I make it a point of honor to help you through the day with my humor and expertise.

So, I’ll dance on the dance floor and sit with your guests at dinner. It helps me melt into the background and keeps your guests from feeling as if they are “on” camera. That’s when I can capture the real moments of your wedding day.

Your wedding day is going to fly by. It’ll start out slow, but then you’ve had 3 mimosas and BAM! You’re walking down the aisle and then the night is over. But don’t worry. That happens to everyone. And that is what I enjoy most about wedding photography (other than cake). I am your eyes for the wedding. You and I build a relationship before the big day so that I can see for you. Then a few weeks after the wedding you get to relive and revisit those memories. Then it starts coming back you to and you’re suddenly back at your wedding. And you’re going to be taken back to those crazy moments for years and years and years as you turn the pages of your wedding album.


The purest and greatest emotions of your lifetime culminate at this special time. Let your wedding day communications and mementos be a reflection of who you are as a couple, echoing the love and joy that you share as your wedding day approaches and endlessly into the future. 


All of our photo keepsakes are handmade in the USA with the finest quality top-of-the-line papers, splendid

designs and retouching made to last a lifetime. This will be an heirloom you will hand down to your children and on to future generations. We will treat your precious memories as if it were our own, and we cannot wait to deliver them to your home.


Grab Our 2019-2020 Wedding Pricing along with Tips for getting Engagement Photos you'll love”!

Rochester Wedding Photography Prices

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